How to Get Free UC for PUBG Mobile?

How To Use PUBG Mobile Free UC

Video games have become increasingly popular and the impact has increased as well. Video games have the potential to function as effective tools for learning and training across a spread of domains. Also has become a customary part of every youth’s lives. Action video games especially have attended to be positive for both children and adults. Also, it has multiplayer gaming options that tend to play as a community.

PUBG and UC 

PUBG is the game of survival played in an online battleground by 100 players in the battle royale. Unknown Cash is the game currency that has been used in the popular battle Royal game, PUBG Mobile. 

The best way to get UC is directly purchasing it on the game field. But requires real money and some might not like to spend money in the game. So, here may have a simple method that provides some free UC PUBG Mobile. This method is a legitimate way to earn UC need to participate in the Bonus Challenge that paves your way towards the victory to gain free unknown cash. The bonus challenge section unlocks at a period so keep an eye on that. If you get enough bonus coins, exchange them claim UC. To get 100 UC you have to spend 1000 bonus coins.

Free UC Via Google Opinion Rewards:

Download the Google Opinion Rewards apps from the Google Play Store. This requires you to take surveys on the platform in exchange for a reward. Surveys are pretty easy and pay money in the form of Google Play Balance. Also, you will not be rewarded for the first few surveys. Once enough Google Pay Balance in your account, you can use this to get your hands on several items from the Play Store. Eventually, access your payment methods. 

If you have earned a required amount of Google Play Balance, Open the PUBG Mobile app or other battle game on your device and go to the UC Purchase section in the game. Allow You get able to buy free UC PUBG Mobile for the balance you’ve earned. If you have purchased some UC, you can now get unlocking new skins.

Elite pass to get free UC:

If you want to get Elite Royale Pass for free, need to buy it in one season and make sure you have to complete all the missions. By doing so, you will have enough UC to buy the next Elite Royal Pass without spending any money. You can also earn UC by entering the Bonus Challenge in-game competition. Win redeemable games from the Bonus Challenge Store and earn battle points. To recover 600 UC required 6000 battle points.

To get the Elite Royale to require 600 UC and 1800 UC for the Elite Plus Royale Pass. If you have some, you can buy UC from the store which costs Rs 799 for 600 UC along with 60 UC as a bonus. If you want to get 1800 UC you require an Elite plus Royal pass. Also, players can request or transfer UC money from their game fellow players or friends.



PUBG name stands for Players Unknown Battlegrounds, is an online competitive survival shooter game developed by Bluehole an south Korean video game company. PUBG also reflects battle Royale, hunger Games, and King of the Hill mechanic in which player must kill all players to elevate the victory. PUBG is exclusively designed for mobiles that can be played anywhere, anytime. PUBG Mobile shares insights related to its eagerly anticipated variant 0.16.0 update. 

PUBG is Players are dropped into a broad, open area where they have to fight to the death. Classic battle with 100 players has to escape and survive. Killing another player reduces your competition, but it also gives you the opportunity to capture some booty. Use a variety of interesting weapons and vehicles between battlegrounds.

PUBG skins

PUBG is a multiplayer online battle royale, you can buy a lot of items, also called Skins. PUBG Free Skins feature in PUBG Game is popular and with the launch of PUBG Mobile season 13 there is more demand than ever before. Gun skins attract a lot of players, but not all of them are free. The most popular skins are the most extravagant and cost a lot. Players are awaited to spend UC to get the most especial skins.

Tips to get free skins

Players can check out how to get PUBG Free skins on PUBG mobile here:

REDEEM WITH CURRENCY-Silver Frags is the coins in PUBG mobile. From opening the crates usually, there are many ways to get the silver pieces. You can use those silver pieces to retrieve cool skins and clothes from the store. There are gun skins, pan skins, parachute skins and many more clothing in store.

ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE IN EVENTS-PUBG Mobile often offers a variety of events with amazing rewards. Lot of events reward skins and clothing, rewards are time limited.

CONSUMATE ACHIEVEMENTS-There are many achievements in PUBG mobile like Assault Mastery IV, Melee Mastery IV, SMG Mastery IV and far more that have gun skin and exclusive skin. 

CLASSIC AND PREMIUM CRATES- The Classic Crate on PUBG Mobile features gun skins, vehicle skins, clothes, luggage, and lot more. Premium crates have high-probability of dropping stylish items than Classic crates. 

PUBG free skin hack 

Regrettably, opening skins is not easy and you have to spend some game currency to get them, or progress through the game. But by using the PUBG free skin hacks you can get the weapons skins you can get with it: the olive branch – pan, shark bite – KAR98K, glory – AKM, gold plate – S686, turquoise delight – KAR98K, shark bite – M16A4, turquoise delight – M16A4, gold plate – S12K, and glory – UMP9.

Steps to hack PUBG free skin

  • Enter your username from PUBG Mobile. 
  • Select your device type – Android, iOS or Windows. 
  • Select the size of the free Skins, UC & BP, silver Fragments (SF). 
  • Check “Anti-block, use proxy” and Click “Create”. 
  • After that PUBG Mobile Hack you have to wait while sending data to PUBG mobile servers.


Skins don’t have the influence on PUBG Mobile gameplay, beautiful skins can make you superior among other players on Spawn Island. You can use these and make the game more enjoyable for you.


Hacking game is pretty easy and has more ways to cheat. Helps to kill your enemies and get quickly forward to higher stages. If you want to hack online gaming, you should have a hacking tool that helps to manipulate the codes in an online game. Besides you can get special items, weapons, intend to change the speed of the game and activate higher and unreleased stages, interpret secrets of the game. 


Hacking games can get unlimited lives, credits, points, scores, control the way game operates, play paid games for free, etc. hacking trick which applies to get the highest score on games within some minutes. The game PUBG mobile uses hacking tricks to get a list of useful things Aimbot, No Recoil, Speed Hack, wallhack, etc. Also, you need unknown cash (UC) to purchase season Elite royal pass, Gun Skins, Vehicle Skins, Legendary Outfits, and for opening premium crates. UC is in terms of game currency in PUBG mobile which acquires a lot of legendary items. This requires spending a lot of real money to get more UC. Players can’t afford much money to purchase UC. So, get free UC through a free UC PUBG mobile hack.

  1. Unknown cash

In-game currency or virtual currency created to get premium items Elite Royal Pass, Legendary Outfit, Rename Card, Guns & Vehicle Skins. PUBG has 3 types of currencies are Silver fragments, Battle coins -get through playing the game, UC-obtained by UC store, but have to pay for it. The game provides basic features cost-free but advanced features need a top-up to get more UC. The hacking trick helps you get a Royal pass for free without paying money and free UC. 

  1. Use MOD APK app

The modified version of the android application package used by the android operating system for the installation of mobile apps. Tends to provide better features and unlocks all the paid features for free, get unlimited game currencies, many other modifications, and add-ons.  If you want to get premium features for free, install mod apk on your phone. They provide a legit way to earn free Paytm cash and buy UC from the store. Redeem it on Paytm which enables you to buy PUBG UC from the play store.

  1. Google play redeem codes

Google play free redeem code or play store gift card is free to hack UC.  Used to buy the various paid app from google play store. This code can reflect your google payment account. This includes the free UC PUBG mobile hack and free UC link generator. Also, you can use this credit to buy free unlimited diamonds and cash. You should try this trick by repeatedly logging eligible google account and get more UC for free.

  1. Get from bonus challenge

This method will get an interesting in-game currency or PUBG free UC to buy different items outfits and royal passes. This reward system helps to highlight player skills and secure points according to their performance in the match. 

  1. Get free UC with Flipkart super coins

In this method, you can get a lot of gifts from Flipkart’s Rewards. You can get around 600 UC without paying money by using valid Flipkart super coins. 

The hack tool offers code to debug access menus. Also allows modifying online game parameters. PUBG mobile hacks are safest and are with easy steps to follow without using no human verification. 


What are PUBG hacks?

PUBG is the game of skills developed by South Korean video game company Bluehole. The gameplay is the last man standing deathmatch, players struggle to stay alive to the last. In battlegrounds a hundred of players fight as one player or team of players in a battle royale. Since PUBG is a fight to the death, there are a lot of cheats online that help to improve your purpose, accuracy, and speed. Chicken dinners in PUBG can be elusive, there is nothing more frustrating than approaching victory than being sent to power by a hacker. By hacking you can also get good skins for Guns, Clothing, Jeep, Bike, Car, and Pan free. 


PUBG mobile game is an online adventure battle royale game played in a third-person perspective. The game consists of 100 players dropped on an island in search of weapons and to kill the opponent and survive till the end as a team or a person. 

Often, you will find Pubg mobile mod APK files that claiming they have everything is open and they tell you to progress with the game after installing their free PUBG mobile Mod apk. They cannot tell you the obvious fact that their mod APK puts you in a situation where your account can be suspended once you know you are cheating. PUBG Mobile generator uses FFG files, which are secure in everyone’s access. Allows you to connect with their database and give them a positive signal like buying the UC, BP, and recoils that’s the reason to say they are safest.

Most PUBG hacks and online generators need you to connect to one of their hacked servers. Soon you connect to the automatic process of creating a secure connection begins. Later, enter your preferred username and select a platform. Besides, you need to find the resources and create them to get free BP and XP. If your first attempt fails, reload the webpage and try to reconnect.


Free UC on PUBG Mobile

Unknown Cash (UC) is the currency in PUBG which you have to buy with real money. Being that UC is expensive, the only way to get these exclusive products is to generate from online generators. Recurrently PUBG mobile generators are used by players to redeem various skin, outfits emote which otherwise could buy from the game store using UC. 

Unlimited BP on PUBG Mobile

One more currency used in PUBG mobile is Battle points (BP) you can get on each match. Depending on how many players you have killed, the longer you last, and the more damage you do. BP is used to change the appearance of your characters like skin color, hairstyle, and many. To do this, the generator will give you unlimited battle points.

Radar hacks

Also, another hack known as Radar hacks allows you to see the position of each player on the map. This became unfamiliar after a lot of professional players came.

Advantages of PUBG mobile generators:

Here is the list of advantages you can get from the Generator:

  • Unlimited UC and BP 
  • No limitations
  • Custom Heroes
  • Custom Skins
  • 100% Secure

Such PUBG mobile generators are designed to give equal opportunity to all the people against their opponents and live-up to pro-gamer standards.